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Manufacturing the Highest Quality Lockout Tools since 1986 for Towing & Recovery and Law Enforcement Professionals

Our Quality:

Next Generation Lockout Tools set the standard for quality and craftsmanship in the lockout tool Industry since the early 1980’s. We take great pride that our lockout tools and kits are made in the USA with the finest craftsmanship available. With our Chrome Plated Spring Steel tools, we provide you, the lockout professional, with the highest quality Tools that you deserve! We know if our lockout tools and kits were in a side by side comparison with the other brands, there would no contest with our superior quality.

You can trust that buying from Next Generation Lockout Tools, that you are buying the best!

Our Distributors:

Next Generation Lockout Tools is proud that the vast majority of our lockout tools are sold through our wonderful world wide Distributors. As a family owned lock out tool business, we strive hard to give our Distributors the friendly customer service they deserve. We usually ship our lockout tools within a day or two. We offer great Distributor pricing, so if your company is interested in adding our lockout tools to your product line, or to find a Distributor near you, please just give us a call. 800.874.5625. We are also happy to make a custom lockout tool kit that is perfectly suited for your business. Having your own company logo on our bags is also an option, please just give us a call for our logo requirements.

At Next Generation Lockout Tools, we strive to make our Distributors our number one priority!

Our Promise:

Next Generation Lockout Tools promises you, our customers, to provide you with the best tools possible; and to treat you how a valued customer should be treated. We work very hard to ship our orders quickly, yet accurately. We also provide the highest quality tool cases available in the industry. Each case is sewn with professional detail, with many cases having silk screened labeled pockets to hold individual lockout tools. We understand with today’s economy, people do not want to spend their hard earned money on ‘disposable lockout tools’. Once you try Next Generation Lockout Tools, you will see why our tools are made to last! All of our wire lockout tools and cases are proudly made in the USA.

Our warranty:

At Next Generation Lockout Tools, we offer the same Lifetime Warranty on our wire lockout tools since the mid 1980’s! If you break one one of our lock out tools, just mail it to us, and we will replace it for free! The only requirement is that the broken lockout tool is basically in the same shape as the original, but not "bent" from being stuck in a car. Please call us for our shipping address, and please also make sure you have your complete company name, and return address inside the packaging. Compare the warranty the other companies offer with their lockout tools, and you will be confident to order from us! Next Generation Lockout Tools, quality made to last!

Our best sellers:

There are some lockout tools that are a “must have!” The Inflatable Wedge is one of those. The Original Inflatable Wedge is a sturdy tool invented and patented, and was created for the building industry to withstand a large amount of pressure. Once it’s inflated, unlocking is accomplished by simply guiding another lockout tool favorite, the One Piece Reach-It™ tool to the unlock target area. We have a variety of lengths and styles to choose from, which you can find in our shopping cart. Another wedge to accompany your lock out tools is our new Rhino™ Pry Wedge. This dual-sided wedge features a pry end to quickly open the car frame to create an opening for the Long Reach Tools for fast auto opening. The AK49 Kit is hands down our most popular selling kit in our lockout tools product line. The AK49's cool camo bag is stocked with our best selling lock out tools, including the AK Reach It! This lock out kit also features 4 wedges and an Instruction Book. Remember, when you buy Next Generation Lockout Tools, all the chrome wire tools come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Our potential customers:

There are multitudes of businesses which can benefit from having their own lockout tools on hand. Police and Law Enforcement Personnel, Sheriffs, Deputies, Fire Departments, and military installations, which receive our 15% discount when they purchase our lockout tools. It is our way of saying "thank you, for their sacrifice and their service. There are also Towing and Recovery businesses, Campus Security, Locksmiths, Repossessors, Parking Garages, Auto Mechanics, Car Washes, Muffler Shops, Brake Shops, Body Shops, Automobile Paint Shops; High Schools, Colleges, Municipalities, Churches and Church security, Auto Clubs, Theatres, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, and Security Police. In every case, the accessibility to reliable, easy-to-use lockout tools is paramount. These businesses as well will want to provide their customers with quick access tools, when an unexpected lockout situation arises.

Our Industry:

There are a number of industry trade shows where we could sell our lockout tools, but generally we go to just 2-3 shows a year, for our Distributors' sake. Many are already there selling our lockout tools, so we purposefully choose not to compete with them. There are also a number of trade magazines in our industry that we have placed ads with for our lockout tools. One magazine, Tow Times, has been kind enough to let us link to the Trade Show Schedule here. Other Trade magazines which we have placed ads for our lockout tools are; American Towman, Phootnotes, and the newer Pro Repo Nation. You will meet some of the most genuine, down to earth people in our industry. The industry as a whole is based upon helping people. Next Generation Lockout Tools has enjoyed getting to know them these 27 years, and can’t imagine our life with knowing them!

Government & City Agency Discounts!
As always, we offer a 15% Discount to all Fire and Police Departments, City Agencies, and Military Installations when they purchase our lockout tools. Please just add a special note with your online order, or you can call us direct at 1.800.874.5625 We are happy to offer generous quantity discounts, so please call for a quote.
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Our company exists to provide the best products available to qualified customers only. For security reasons, we do not sell our lockout tools to the general public.  Our customers include Towers, Locksmiths, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Automotive-related businesses and City Agencies. Our security process allows us to screen every order to ensure our products are sold only to establishments that need LEGAL entry into vehicles. We assume no responsibility for any damages by persons who obtain our tools illegally.