Lockout KITS

Our lockout tool kits are the industry's best! We have a variety of kits which range from the basics, to kits with up to 35 lockout tools and a lighted Wedge. Larger kits include tools for specific types of vehicles and linkages. Our kits include an Instruction Book and individually labeled pockets. You can find your lockout tools fast, and it keeps them from becoming tangled or lost. There's also a special pouch for smaller items, and two outside pockets to keep your instruction book, notepads, etc. Our newer kits include one of the popular long-reach tools. These are the "go-to" lockout tools for most people today. We have a variety of lengths and options on these tools as well; such as selecting a one-piece or multi-piece tool, a comfort grip handle, or the option of using a super-grip tip, or a glow-in-the-dark tip.

Government & City Agency Discounts!
As always, we offer a 15% Discount to all Fire and Police Departments, City Agencies, and Military Installations when they purchase our lockout tools. Please just add a special note with your online order, or you can call us direct at 1.800.874.5625 We are happy to offer generous quantity discounts, so please call for a quote.
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Our company exists to provide the best products available to qualified customers only. For security reasons, we do not sell our lockout tools to the general public.  Our customers include Towers, Locksmiths, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Automotive-related businesses and City Agencies. Our security process allows us to screen every order to ensure our products are sold only to establishments that need LEGAL entry into vehicles. We assume no responsibility for any damages by persons who obtain our tools illegally.