Our Long Reach Tools are strong high-quality tools made in the USA. Our lockout tools are thick enough to hold a bend and maintain great strength, yet still thin enough to allow entry into vehicles. These Long Reach Tools are made in a variety of sizes (lengths) to suite your needs. Our One-Piece Reach-It? (58") SS Reach It (44") and AK Reach (40") It lockout tools come with a glow-in-the-dark vinyl tip to help in low-light situations. Our new line of 2-Piece and 3-Piece Reach-It™ Lockout Tools are equipped with a "super-grip" silicone tip. Tips can be interchanged. Our Long Reach Tools come in the basic style, or with our Comfort Grip Handle. The 2-Piece and 3-Piece Reach-It™ Lockout Tools are assembled using a high-thread connector bolt, which is machined down to keep the overall thickness to a minimum. Using one of these lockout tools, we remind you that they are bendable only in-between the joint-areas. Never bend them at the joint as this will void the warranty. The 3-Piece Reach-It™ Lockout Tool is the featured tool in our new Delta Force™ Lockout Kit.

Government & City Agency Discounts!
As always, we offer a 15% Discount to all Fire and Police Departments, City Agencies, and Military Installations when they purchase our lockout tools. Please just add a special note with your online order, or you can call us direct at 1.800.874.5625 We are happy to offer generous quantity discounts, so please call for a quote.
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Our company exists to provide the best products available to qualified customers only. For security reasons, we do not sell our lockout tools to the general public.  Our customers include Towers, Locksmiths, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Automotive-related businesses and City Agencies. Our security process allows us to screen every order to ensure our products are sold only to establishments that need LEGAL entry into vehicles. We assume no responsibility for any damages by persons who obtain our tools illegally.